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Sea Snail Shell Hagstone Pendulum

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Pendulums of all kinds are mentioned in the very oldest written records of divination and the occult arts. Ancient Chinese records tell of a ring suspended on silk thread that was used to predict the future and warn of danger. The Chinese emperor, Yu who lived during 2000 B.C.E. was said to be a dowser." ~ A Little Book of Pendulum Magic by D. J. Conway

Have you ever used a pendulum? You may have without knowing it. The first time I used one I was instructed by my great Aunt’s to pull a strand of hair from my head and put it through a needle, stick the needle in a pencil eraser and then hold the pencil by the hair over my wrist. “Watch how many times it goes in a circle and stops, and how often it goes straight back and forth and stops. That’s how you know how many children you’ll have and whether they’ll be boys or girls.” 

This simple form of divination has taken form through so many different cultures and practices it’s impossible to label it to one culture or location of origin. However, the general consensus is that when you get your own pendulum you need to tell it that it’s yours, and tell it which direction is yes and which is no. It is generally recommended to shake your head no and swing the pendulum in sync with the motion and inform it that this is no, and then do the same with the opposite motion.

These pendulums are made of hagstones, shells, crystals and chicken feet. Chicken feet are common protection charms in hoodoo practices, scratching away trouble and the markings of trouble. Hagstones, also known as seer stones and brigid stones in Scottish and Irish cultures, are revered for their usefulness to seers in revealing the otherworlds and future. Combining Mississippi River Hagstones with these other hoodoo elements creates powerful magical tools.

Packed with snakeskin, natural Spanish moss and spaghnum moss in a wood container. 

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