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My Story

A long time ago on the side of an Ozark hill I sat under a red moon between a mimosa and walnut tree dreaming about the future, imagining a more beautiful life. Plans of world exploration, exotic strangers, new discoveries and adventures took form as I climbed barbed wire fences and waded in the creeks.  My desire for new discoveries never blinded me to the constant beauty of psychedelic sunsets reflected in the lake or the fog rising off the river. As the years went by I forgot to grow up and put away these dreams. Instead, I always held them in my heart and took them out to look over if I got off track. In time, I made the decision to move to St. Louis, unaware of the wealth of new inspiration I would find here. The dreams that I never gave up began to take root in a new land of sports fans, entrepreneurs, artists, and the rich history the city offers of inspiring persons in every aspect of life. I created more. I began to live my dream. I'd like to share my visions with you.