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St Expedite T-shirt Black Unisex XL

St Expedite T-shirt Black Unisex XL

$ 20.00

Hand painted Saint Expedite symbol and Voodoo Life T-shirt’s available in limited quantity! Sizes range from Small to 3XL. All sizes $20 each.

There are multiple legends about Saint expedite, but the most common one in America comes from New Orleans. The legend goes that the Ursuline sisters received a statue of a Roman soldier, and the box was marked with the word “expedite” all over it. Due to the ongoing French Revolution, the sisters were unable to contact the statue’s sender. The sisters begin referring to the statue as Saint Expedite, and their students developed a nine hour novena to Saint expedite and place of the normal nine day novena. The positive results of their petitions were surprising and the cult of Saint Expedite grew. As students left the school they took their tradition with them, and his fame spread across New Orleans.

If you have petitioned Saint Expedite for speedy assistance and received help, the most common payment he requests is that you tell of his story and spread his name. Wearing a shirt with the symbol of Saint Expedite is an excellent way to do that, as people will always ask what it means and give you the opportunity to tell of the good Saint. 

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