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Hooked on Nature (Necklace & Earring Set)

$ 25.00

I am a big fan of mixed metals.  I also really like feathers, moons, trees, sea animals, etc. (all things nature).  Toggle clasps, especially on the front of necklaces, is a feature I commonly use within my jewelry.

This necklace is a wonderful mix of some of my favorite elements.  For me, the focal point is the toggle clasp and matching hook.  When I saw this toggle clasp at a local bead store, I had to have it and knew I would put it to good use.

The hook feature as part of the pendant is great, as it provides flexibility to exchange the dangling charms as you desire (to match an outfit, your mood, etc.).

This necklace is sold with a matching set of simple, but elegant, chain earrings.

Chain Length: 18 inches