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Friendly Owl (Necklace & Earring Set)

$ 35.00

I fell in love with this little owl when visiting a small bead shop in Mendocino, CA.  The big, turquoise eyes called to me, so I brought it home.  Prior to our vacation I had bought some gold branches, which seemed to be the perfect pairing for my new owl friend.  The toggle clasp adds a fun, vintage-inspired finish to the necklace.

I enjoyed playing with the colors and hughes in this necklace and am pleased with how well the owl balances in the middle, even as the necklace shifts around.  This would make a great necklace for someone with a playful or whimsical personality.

This is sold as a set, with the necklace and matching earrings.

Chain Length: 16 inches to Pendant

Pendent Length: 2 inches