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Boudicca, Iceni Queen of the Celts

Boudicca, Iceni Queen of the Celts

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16x20 Oil On Canvas

 Boudicca was Queen of the Iceni tribe of Celts at a time when Ireland was under the control of the Roman empire. As her husband was dying, he attempted to preserve some of the family's ancestral wealth and treasures for his wife and children while appeasing Roman taxes. Taxes to Rome at the time required all his wealth be paid to Rome on his death, but he only sent half of it and secreted the rest away with his family. Rome was not appeased. Roman forces showed up to punish and extract revenge and Boudicca was tied to a tree and beat with a whip while her daughters were raped. Nevertheless she persisted and refused to quietly accept this subhuman fate in exchange for peace. She raised an army, attacked Rome, and came within one battle of overthrowing it's rule. When the last battle was lost and it was clear that Roman rule would continue, legend has it that Boudicca gathered her daughters and they drank hemlock together to join their father and husband rather than submit to their oppressors.


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