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Pure Beauty (Necklace & Earring Set)

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This piece is named Pure Beauty not only because I think it's pretty, but to reflect a couple of meanings related to the flower on the pendant.  Additionally, the pendant of this necklace was originally an earring.  Repurposing jewelry is something I really enjoy, and find quite beautiful.

Flowers have various meanings depending on the culture, type of flower, position of the flower, etc.  I find it fascinating that people used to study "flower dictionaries" to understand the meanings of flowers, including how they were presented. 

For example, the color white can represent purity, sanctity, mysticism, secret admirer, etc.  Flowers often represent love, beauty, passion, kindness, friendship, etc.  An upside down flower has sometimes been interpreted to represent the opposite of the general meaning.  I suppose in the case of this pendant, that could be Corrupt Ugliness?  That doesn't make a very good name for a product.  :-)

The white petals of the pendant have a shale-like quality, as do the white circles on the chain.

Chain Length:  18 to 20 inches (adjustable) to Pendant

Pendant Length:  2 inches